Move Up to High Performance Windows with TFB I.G. Spacer Bending Systems
Advantages of Spacer Bending
Automated spacer bending has important production, quality,and cost benefits over operations utilizing corner keys:
    Reduced labor costs for fast payback
    Corner key costs cut 75 percent
    Reduces spacer material cost
    More effective corner seal for fewer warranty    problems
    Superior gas retention
    Fast production of complex shapes such as trapezoids and triangles without calculations
    Fewer production errors
    More rigid frames maintain their shape and dimensions and are easier to handle
    Increased productivity from upgrade options such as automatic drilling and downloading production files
High Productivity


The TFB Modular Spacer Bender productivity is dramatically illustrated by these examples. These are based on one operator bending and cutting repetitive frames from 13" (3m) spacer material using the F7 bender with a secondary drive motor. Production rates would decrease if several different frames were produced during a shift.

Configuration: Rectangle 3 bends
Time: 8 hour shift

Glass Size


6" x 12" (152mm x 305mm)

1500 units

24" x 36" (610mm x 914mm)

1062 units

36" x 80" (914mm x 2022mm)

804 units



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